About Us

Ancient Olive Trees is a family owned and operated company based in Marin County, California. We became enchanted with the majesty of the old growth olive trees we would drive by through Corning, California, during summer road trips on our way to Lake Almanor. We acquired our first orchard in 2003, and turned our attention to tree farming full-time in 2007.

Word soon got around about the health and quality of our specimen olive trees and the sculptural beauty they lend to landscapes. We began to be asked to provide trees to famous architectural sites like the Frank Gehry-designed Tin House in Los Angeles, the Broad Museum in Southern California, luxury wineries in Napa Valley and Sonoma wine country, and to the homes of famous actors, professional athletes and other celebrities. Today, our trees can be found complementing landscapes in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas and the East Coast.

Olive trees are a source of abundant beauty, and the fruiting varieties produce exceptional gourmet oils. We launched our Culinary Collection in 2015 with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, its traditional partner Balsamic Vinegar, and with a twist, an olive-brined Dirty Martini Juice. It’s rewarding to know that many of our customers enjoy the view of our trees and the flavors of our Culinary Collection everyday in their beautiful homes. Yet for those who simply want to enjoy a taste of something wonderful or enhance their decor, our gourmet products and soon-to-be released Home Collection offer something for everyone.

Di Olivo

Long-revered as a perfect plant, providing beauty, fruit and essential oil, the olive tree is believed to have existed for more than 5,000 years old. The French describe it as "L'arbre roi" - the regal tree. In Spain they have a saying, "Aceite de oliva, todo mal quita" - olive oil makes all pain go away. In mythology, the tree was Athena's gift to the city of Athens, making her their patron goddess. Even the Bible carries numerous references to the olive tree, including the dove with the olive branch that signaled the end of the great flood to Noah.

The olive tree not only appears throughout history, but remains as an important economic influence.

  • Olive trees do not have rings to determine their age, but scholars estimate their age to one and two thousand years old.

  • Through carbon dating, archeologists have established the presence of olive trees on the Island of Crete before 2500 B.C.

  • The systematic cultivation of olive trees started in the Stone and Bronze Age.

  • The oldest olive tree is 5,000 years old in Kolymvari, Chania.

  • The Romans cut down all the olive trees in their siege of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.

  • In the ancient Olympic Games, winners were given olive wreaths as trophies.

  • In mythology, the olive tree was Athena's gift to the city of Athens, and she was chosen as their patron goddess.

  • The island of Corfu has more than three million olive trees, covering one third of the Island.

  • The Mediterranean region produces 99% of the world's olive oil.

  • The "Mission" olive tree was found growing in the old Spanish missions in California more than 200 years ago.